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It has come to our notice that a company by the name of Aakash Tyagi Solution InfoTech Pvt ltd, operating from Noida (UP) was using a abbreviation similar to ours i.e ATS Infotech Pvt Ltd, it seems they were involved in unscrupulous activities.

In reference to the above when we communicated with NASSCOM and other third party verification agencies, they clarified that they did not generate any such list which carried our company name ATS Infotech PVT LTD i.e. ADVANCE TRAINING SYSTEMS ( Lajpat Nagar , New Delhi ). 

Further we would like to clarify that we ATS Infotech PVT LTD i.e. ADVANCE TTRAINING SYSTEMS ( Lajpat Nagar , New Delhi ) have no link, directly / indirectly or have any concern what so ever with Aakash Tyagi Solutions Infotech Pvt Ltd, who are using abbreviation similar to ours.

We would also like to inform that we are a 16-year-old company registered under the MCA (ministry of corporate affairs) and follow all rules and regulations and have been working with national and international vendors  like  Microsoft, Certiport, Aspet etc as as their partners , service providers, since many years now and are fully certified/accredited and clean.

In case any one has any queries related to the above or needs any further info ,we can provide them with the same, they can get in touch with our company spokesperson, details are as below.


Reg off : L-107, Lajpat Nagar II , 1st Floor, New Delhi 24

Company spokesperson

Mr Prakash Mirani

Email:  pcmirani@atsinfotech.net

For ATS Infotech PVT LTD

Mr P.C Mirani 

(Company Spokesperson)