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Payroll Processing

Our Team :

Our team consist of skilled consultants, leading practitioners who understand your challenges, have deep knowledge about outsourcing in Payroll processing,Contract staffing ,HR consulting, and are empowered to address your concerns.

HR Consulting

Some of our Clients 

H.R consultancy :

People are the core of human resources consultancy business, with our candidate base comprising the very best in talent and experience available, we provide the best services to our client.

Aspect is a Global leader in consumer engagement solutions and develops tools and technologies for engaging and serving today's demanding customers across multiple channels of communication.ATS Infotech Pvt Ltd, has been associated with Aspect Contact Center Software India Pvt Ltd, for providing contract staffing solutions, since the last 10 years.

About Us :

ATS Infotech Pvt Ltd,is a 16 year old organization,based out of New Delhi,and is involved in the business of Skill development,

payroll processing,contract staffing and H.R consultancy, and has expertise in talent acquisition and providing staffing solutions to suit it's clients’evolving needs.

Contract Staffing

Payroll processing:

Every growing business requires support and flexibility from a payroll prespective so that it can scale as business grow. ATS Infotech Pvt Ltd has everything you need to help run your business payroll and ensure your employees are timely paid with Managed Payroll, ATS Infotech Pvt Ltd can become your payroll department with a fully outsourced solution.

Contract staffing :

The landscape of the global workforce is changing, favoring a shift toward the flexibility of contract workers and therefore making outsourced staffing an attractive option for organizations.

      We offer Human Capital Management Solutions that help your business succeed.