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FDP on Adv Ms Excel

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1 Business AnalyticsMUmbai/Pune
summer 2018
2 Data ScienceMUmbai/Pune/ Bangalore/delhi
summer 2018
4 Mobile app dev   Phoegap/   CordovaMUmbai/Pune

summer 2018
5 Digital   MarketingMUmbai/Pune

summer 2018
6  IOTMUmbai/Pune/ Bangalore/Delhi

summer 2018


We conduct various faculty development programs across India for our partner colleges and Universities each year ,cause we believe in the ideology that teacher's skill enhancement is equally important as that of a students. 

FDP on Mobile App Dev

FDP on Web App Dev

FDP participation Certificate for each Candidate

1.Training on Latest Technologies by highly experienced Professionals

2.Participation certificates for each faculty member

3.International certification exam voucher of Microsoft free for partner college faculty's members.

4.FDP are also useful while applying for accreditation purposes.

5. Knowledge enhancement of faculty's leads to better growth.

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